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Las Vegas 28 – 30 August
Located Partner Showcase: booth PS31


The countdown is on!

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Last year we launched Intelligent Connectivity, innovated with P5G and helped Account teams bring home 2X commission on our Cisco Powered solutions. We can’t wait to help you do the same in FY24!

6 reasons to come & see us at Cisco IMPACT


We are where your customers are.

As 1 of only 6 Cisco Global Gold Partners, we operate worldwide, delivering the expertise, resources and solutions YOU need to deliver YOUR clients business outcomes.

Take advantage of our local presence combined with global capability, to expand your IMPACT and drive new business


The time is
NOW for
Private 5G.

Private 5G is helping Account teams LIKE YOU to have new conversations with their stakeholders, reveal new use cases and unlock the door to new opportunities.

We are the only partner offering a Cisco Powered Private 5G managed service and Cisco’s 1# global partner for P5G… we now have a library of wins and POC’s, come find out more.

Manufacturing /
Industrial IoT

  • Quickly rearrange factory floors
  • Improve worker safety & product quality metrics
  • Collaborate reliably and in real time across factory floors

Logistics / Distribution

  • Improve supply chain efficacy with real-time asset and inventory tracking.
  • Drive higher margins with better loss prevention.

Hospitality and Venues

  • Better security via wireless cameras and sensors.
  • Enhance Wi-Fi services using 5G for wireless backhaul.
  • Provide extraordinary customer experience on premises.

Energy and Utilities

  • Enable end-to-end smart grid infrastructure management.
  • Fully automate smart meter reading.
  • Provide secure and reliable field worker communications.

Mining, Oil and Gas

  • Reliable vehicle control over large areas.
  • Enhance worker safety.
  • Improve profitability with automated asset tracking and management.


  • Increase on-campus safety for students and faculty.
  • Created an academic environment where research and innovation thrive.


  • Provide secure and reliable field communications
  • Robotic control, self driving vehicles
  • Live collaboration, video streams


  • Augmented reality, helping access critical information
  • Increased speed of clinical collaboration
  • 5G connected ambulance service
  • Enhanced medical sensors

Farming / Agriculture

  • Real-time crop yield monitoring
  • Field moisture and soil composition monitoring
  • Equipment performance monitoring

Private 5G showcases at our IMPACT Partner Booth!

Front line workers are often beyond the reach of traditional WiFi/connectivity. Come see how we are empowering organizations and workers in difficult to reach environments with Private 5G and wearable technology.

Deliver the power of hands-free collaboration to the frontline.
Combine P5G, wearable technology and Webex Expert on Demand to give frontline workers safe and reliable access to the right experts instantly, from even the farthest edge of your business.

When failing to complete a task or mission is not an option – Logicalis and Cisco are empowering organizations to be heard – anywhere. 

Enabling frontline teams to communicate on virtually any device, network, operating system and in any language.

Visit our booth and demo the technology for yourself!


Your FY24 blueprint to 2X commission.

Have you heard of Intelligent Connectivity?

Our Cisco Powered suite of managed services including Cisco and Meraki based SD-WAN, SASE, SDA, ACI and P5G means you have the solution roadmap to expand to defend and land to grow within your customers

All built on the Cisco architectures you trust. Secure by design and integrated into our Digital Fabric Platform (DFP)


Data that empowers your Stakeholders

Connecting everything we do is the award winning Digital Fabric Platform.

DFP provides your customers and YOU, with real-time data and analytics of the entire network.

Use this data to unlock new opportunities, outperform the competition and expand your impact within the customer


Sustainability isn’t just a checkbox

We embody sustainability. 

Logicalis and Cisco’s senior leadership teams are closely aligned, working together to ensure we build sustainable outcomes into everything we do. 

And with the insights delivered via the Digital Fabric Platform, we ensure customers are empowered to do the same with data driven recommendations.


Proving our success time and time again

Logicalis most recently, has been awarded the Cisco Global Enterprise Networking & Meraki Partner of the year award in November 2022 at the Cisco Partner Summit, to recognise our combined continued success.

This is what your colleagues have to say about us…

Lee Mascarenhas

Cisco Account Manager, TRIANGLE TRIAD SELECT
Logicalis & Cisco worked together to deliver $2.5m revenue on a global LAN refresh.

Olivia Demo

Cisco Account Manager, HEARTLAND GROWTH

Simply put – Chris, Jeremy, Sandy and the entire Logicalis team have been truly unbelievable to work with throughout the last year. By the time we pulled in the Logicalis team, we as the account team were on our last chance to present a solution for the client’s use case. Even when put against competitors that had far more complete references than we could provide, the Logicalis team’s unmatched expertise, attentiveness to the customer’s needs, creativity with requirements and the consistent open communication and collaboration made the client confident in awarding the project with Logicalis/Cisco. With Logicalis’ incredible planning and execution, we are confident in expanding the project to more plants, globally over the new few years.

Lee Mascarenhas

Cisco Account Manager, TRIANGLE TRIAD SELECT

I work with Logicalis at a customer that is a global research organisation across more than 70 countries. They needed a partner that could support a global LAN refresh, and Logicalis came in and presented a way to organise this. The result was a successful global LAN refresh that resulted in $2.5m dollars of revenue for Cisco. The partnership that we have is probably one of the stronger ones I have in the channel right now.

Jason Sullivan

Cisco System's Architect, DESERT PAC SELECT

Logicalis has demonstrated profound expertise in SD-WAN technologies, flexibility, and a proactive approach to problem-solving, ensuring a smooth execution of our complex project. Their communication, characterized by conciseness and consistency, has kept both the Cisco team and the customer well-informed and engaged, thereby guaranteeing an uninterrupted transition from the Proof of Value (POV) to the ‘go live’ phase.

Oliver Tuszik

SVP, EMEA Region, Cisco

It’s companies like Logicalis, working together with Cisco… building these kind of services. At the end, the age of the partner is describing an environment where the innovation is coming from the partner. And it’s not only the technology … but it’s about bringing it all together to deliver an outcome, a service, that creates a real value for the customer.

Alexandra Zagury

VP, Partner Managed & as-a-Service Sales, Cisco

Logicalis and Cisco have been parters for 25 years delivering value to our customers, and helping our account managers succeed. I would strongly suggest you speak to their skilled team to better understand the opportunities for you and your clients.

Desmond O'Connor

Senior Business Development Manager, Cisco

The important thing is to have a trusted seller… to have a partner who can talk about the whole portfolio and world of wireless, so that when your customers want to buy something they know they are getting the right thing.

Nick Holden

VP, Global Strategic Partners and Co-sell, Cisco

Everything is possible when Cisco and Logicalis align on the global level and execute at the local level. I’m very excited to amplify and support our partnership. 

Passion and purpose for the greater good with a responsible use of technology. I can’t think of two better companies to do that than Cisco and Logicalis. 

Dushyant Sukhija

Global Head of Cisco SASE Lighthouse Program

SASE, 5G, IoT… these are all the future solutions that Cisco is placing big bets on. These are where the opportunities are… large enterprise companies are choosing to lean on managed service providers like Logicalis to get these services.

We can’t wait to meet you

Here is the team representing Logicalis, come find us and let’s chat!

André Silva
Alliances Manager, Logicalis

Ben Walker
Senior Marketing Manager,
GTM Solutions, Logicalis

Chris Calvert 
VP of Private Wireless
Services, Logicalis US

Ray Clounch
Senior Principal Architect –
Private Wireless Services,
Logicalis US

Rony Mikhael
Director Networking,
Collaboration and Security,
Logicalis GmbH

Stefan Gutekunst
COO, Logicalis GmbH

Interested in trying out our newest wearable technology?

A new way to connect to the workforce

Visit our booth and get a first hand experience of the innovative devices that are revolutionising how people connect with their work.

With the power of Private 5G, we’re pushing the boundaries of connectivity.

Come and try it out for yourself!

Detailed computer display for the user

Live camera: see
what the user sees

Real-time remote problem solving

Come join the party…

Come along to our planned gatherings!

We can’t wait to see you at Cisco IMPACT. Come and drop by our booth at any time during the event, or take advantage of these two planned occasions to see all the team and also some of your colleagues!

Wednesday 30th August | 10:00AM

Meet at the PS31 booth

  • Meet the team
  • P5G demo
  • Meet your colleagues
  • Team photo!

Tuesday 29th August | 7:30AM

MGM Grand Breakfast Hall

  • Meet the team
  • Meet your colleagues
  • Let’s share
  • Team photo!

Let’s win together!

Together we have the skills, the solutions and the blueprint
to drive more success for your clients.

If you would like to know more, come visit us on stand PS31, or contact us using
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